You Are Not Different.

You Are Not Different, mujeeb patla

Are you different?

Yes, 0.01%

No, 99.99%

Yet most motivational tracks highlight that part that says you are different. And rightly so! Being different makes you feel unique and exclusive. Differences must indeed be respected and celebrated on most occasions. However, that ‘different’ feeling may make you demand special treatment or superior to the rest, or sometimes inferior, that you lack something from others.

But, a 0.01% difference (very minimal) from fellow beings must not tempt you to think you are so different that you have to be treated differently from others. Look at the flip side, which is 99.99% sameness with your family, friends, and fellow beings, and the rest of humans from Africa to Australia.

You Are Not Different, mujeeb patla

Talking the language of genetics, the human genome is mostly the same, even though the variations exist, accounting for about 0.001 percent of each person’s DNA. And, remember, this contributes to differences in appearance and health (Reference: National Institute of General Medical Sciences, August 2017 issue). So, genetics makes our assumption of 0.01% differences also wrong. Nevertheless, let us stick with 0.01% again for the argument’s sake.

When you feel you are different, take the difference as an opportunity to build on your uniqueness and add value to your community and, by that, to yourself. If we are all the same, which is 100% sameness, what is there left to compete and collaborate? It will be a perfect monotony and boredom.

0.01% difference shall not make you arrogant or exceedingly proud, or even shameful; instead, find the 0.01% difference of others and respectfully collaborate or compete to bring something significant, meaningful, and beautiful.

Remember this, in differences, too, there is sameness.

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