Being Human.

Being Human, mujeeb patla

Human beings can be understood from different perspectives – from critical scientific reasoning to irrational religious teachings. While the scientific evolutionary aspect preaches that human beings are advanced versions of animal ancestors, a few religions depict humans as reflections or representations of gods on earth. Many faiths, Semitic mainly, presents human as the creation of Almighty God on earth. In short, human beings have a variety of tales explaining their beginning, survival, rapid spreading, ultimate destiny, and the reason for their existence.

No matter which version of the account you want to believe, human beings have some unique and exciting features. We can call those ‘being-human traits‘.


Being Human, mujeeb patla

Thinking is the art of reasoning, rational judging, and applying intelligence. Thinking is the most abstract form of figuring out the affairs related to or unrelated to you, but by you.


Being Human, mujeeb patla

The feeling is an emotional state for reacting irrationally, which means we may not have the support of reasoning or logic for why we reacted the way we did or do.


Being Human, mujeeb patla

Understanding is the ability to connect with others’ thinking and or feelings.


Being Human, mujeeb patla

Communicating is connecting with others to express your thinking and/or feelings.


Being Human, mujeeb patla

Learning is the process of acquiring skills and knowledge by study, experience, or teaching, any of them, all of them, or combination of them.

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