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Aerospace, Aeronautics, Astronautics, Avionics, Aviation and Aviation Management – Differences, Education, Careers

Written history records human efforts and ambitions for flights and flying, at least 2000 years since. Ancient mythologies are filled with flying gods and floating heavens. No wonder, human always felt a deep connection with skies and envied birds and other flying objects for their ability to fly. Our forefathers envisioned wings on their back … More

Psychology vs Psychiatry – Understanding The Differences..

Human mind is a fascinating world. Though the achievements in the field of science and technology grew beyond skies through human genius, human mind still remains a mystery in many ways. When it comes to selecting a career to understand and investigate capabilities and capacities of human mind, two fields stay highlighted – one in … More

Planning A Career in Hotel Management? Know 10 Benefits!

Millennials are blamed for many reasons. After global warming and extremist terrorism, this generation stand accused of grave situations in the planet. Motivational speaker Simon Sinek in his famous interview accused millennials of many things but not limited to: Impatient Entitled Lacking long term vision Easy going Undisciplined Unmanageable Someone who misunderstood ‘value’ for ‘comfort’ … More