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Why is Engineering (Education) not Making Engineers?

I wish I had had some answers before even I started writing the first sentence of this article. However, the solutions will give us a fair understanding of ‘Why Engineering is not Making Engineers?’ Intelligent are those who know to ask the right question at the right time. I think the timing cannot be more … More

Certifications & Degrees. When To Pursue, and How To Make It More Effective?

Certification courses are necessary for one’s career advancement. These are the platforms its pursuant can utilize to its utmost potential to extract its full advantage in achieving new heights in one’s career growth. From one of my youtube videos, I saw a comment from a viewer asking about the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (ACCA)’s … More

MBA (Online) from IGNOU?

Master of business administration (MBA) is an education platform to transform an individual from an average graduate to a next-level business executive with all necessary learning and processing skills. If all the MBA programs provided by numerous institutions across the globe can achieve the mentioned task is an open question, though. However, I will leave … More

‘Start from You.’ | About My First Book.

This is my first book.And, before you start turning the first page of that book, I urge you to get certain things straight. This article is my prologue. Why did I write this book? To help the reader find his/her inner treasures. These treasures are presented as six self-help tools with each tool having the … More


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