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The Salesman’s Luck: The Customer.

The product you develop, the service you provide, and all the activities contributing to your organization’s outcome will culminate once you find a suitable customer ready to pay for all the efforts invested.The Salesman’s Luck: Build Your Sales Luck.

The Salesman’s Luck: Clarity

Clarity is purity, transparency, intelligibility, and being coherent. It allows you to see the pattern in the densest clutter, the depth of chaos, and even the most complicated confusions.The Salesman’s Luck: Build Your Sales Luck.

The Curious Case of HRs!

The year was 2006; the place was Aluva (a region in Kochi City, 15 km away, in the southern state of Kerala, India). It was during the second round of my first job interview for my first job that I realized there exists a particular group of professionally trained, expertly groomed individuals whose outward appearance…

The Wrong Salesman.

You enter a shop; you make a call, you write an email, you start a chat thread; if you are intention is to buy some stuff, you will for sure will be greeted by a pleasant, cheerful, and curious (with some amount of artificiality, though the effort is to hide it):  ‘How can I/We help…

Sales; Just Numbers?

Temperature is measured in numbers (with various units of measurement – degree Celsius, Fahrenheit, Kelvin, etc.), yet the temperature is a measure of heat, not numbers. Mass is measured in numbers (with various units of measurement – Kilogram, gram, tonne, etc.), yet the mass is a measure of the amount of matter, not numbers. Holding…

The Salesman’s Luck: Build Your Sales Luck!

Author: Mujeeb Patla The life of a salesperson is not easy. It is filled with challenges, competitions, expectations, forecasts, and numbers. Also, there are phenomenons like targets, projections, monthly achievements, cold calls, lead generations, follow-ups, customer relationship management (CRM), etc., which tremendously impact each salesperson’s career. Suppose the author has to borrow a metaphor from his…


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