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Wisdom of A Wife!

“Every morning in Africa, a gazelle wakes up, it knows it must outrun the fastest lion or it will be killed. Every morning in Africa, a lion wakes up, it knows it must run faster than the slowest gazelle, or it will starve. It doesn’t matter whether you’re the lion or a gazelle-when the sun … More

Talent = Skill?

World outside academic fence is very different. The world of text books, assignments, tuitions, lectures, note-taking, examinations, grades all will replaced by hard realities of life. The society/system, depending on how you prefer to refer them, will have different set of expectations from you and your efforts. Academic days were manifestation of your family celebrating … More

Problem Solving; Few Thoughts…

There are three kinds of human walking around this world: One who finds solutions for the problems One who find problems in the solutions One who is not even aware of existence of any problems. Problems are matters or situations regarded as unwelcome or harmful and need to be dealt with and overcome. The matters … More

Bachelors Degree and Employability

Life is simple. We make it complicated through decision making based on insufficient/no information on the various subjects where we are supposed to take a stand. Any decision making will have 5 essential elements: Data Information Knowledge Wisdom Insight Thought each may look different from each other, or the same, all the 5 points listed … More

A Million Dollar Question!

Farhan is a young, energetic and a promising young man, who happened to be my dear friend and an education consultant too. In our first personal meeting held at one of the outlet of Starbucks in Dubai, the claim was that he attended one of my classes in his engineering course. I still don’t remember, … More

Bachelor of Commerce (B.Com) vs Bachelor of Computer Application (BCA)

Indian education system is witnessing a demise of engineering UG courses. ‘The education trend’ for past few years support this claim. The ‘’ space was firstly filled by paramedical and allied health science UG courses followed by commerce UG program, namely, Bachelor of Commerce (B.Com). One interesting aspect of B.Tech/B.E. loosing its steam is that, … More

Attitude.. that defines you!

Attitude 1: “Keep succeeding till I fail” Attitude 2: “Keep failing till I succeed” Attitudes are important. It adds to the personality. It builds a person. It is the personal quality and uniqueness in an individual who possess it. Attitude can be good or bad. Good attitudes open path for a person to raise in … More

Breathe Just Oxygen!

India is undergoing an unprecedented (Govt. was notified in October by the expert committee), unexpected (existence of new variant was comprehended in last quarter of 2020 itself) and unprepared (PM and Home Minister was busy campaigning for state elections) second ware of COVID 19. The pandemic hit the nation so worse that the diseased bodies … More

Design! Knowing Different Career Paths.

Design could be a plan, or a drawing, or both, or even beyond. Designers are planners. They draw images. They may not be great at drawing. They may not be artists too. But they are good in communicating through their drawing. These drawings are for various purposes, and to interact with different audience. Yes, designs … More


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