Minimalism is about owning only what adds value and meaning to your life, removing whatever is unnecessary, and not contributing to your mission of adding value. It’s about clearing the clutter. Minimalism is using your time and energy for the things that matter. Please note you have a limited supply of energy, time, and space in your lives. Be mindful of your limitations and remember the results you want to reach.

minimalism, mujeeb patla

Recent years have seen minimalism gathering momentum as an approach or even a movement in almost all walks of life – music, acting, business, battles, fashion, work, life, home, design, architecture, engineering, politics, economics, finance, and even dreaming.

For a few of us, minimalism became a style statement, and social media profiles’ that struggled to update any punching tagline resorted to ‘minimalist’ for its glamour and intellect content. Yet, most neither practiced nor cared to understand the word’s meaning, at least by its purpose.

minimalism, mujeeb patla

Centuries back, our forefathers had minimal belongings, yet they lived contently. They were minimalists by birth and survived with less. And, here we are, with so much stuff, even when we could not afford them, we used credit facilities and accumulated boastfully. And, when we are bored of plentifulness, we want to reduce the clutter and experiment with a life of less. We are returning to our roots. Our ancestors must be proud of our reluctant reckoning. Or is this phenomenon also temporary?

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