Emotions to E-motions

Emotions are strong and heartfelt and can make you melt or stand firm. Since the beginning of humanity, we (our forefathers) took decisions either from the head or the heart. Decisions made by the head are articulated, and emotion is caused by the heart. Decisions made them hunt animal A and not animal B. Decisions also helped them to choose path A, not path B. To follow efficiency and effectiveness in various affairs, we must follow articulated choices that are well thought out and shall come directly from our heads. While human history teaches us a different story. Including various skirmishes, invasions, and the two world wars, nuking Japan and killing thousands to end the war manifests our inability to make decisions based on facts and figures alone. In fact, very minimal reasoning might have applied on most occasions. Yes, emotions played a vital role in such scenarios. No matter what information we have at our disposal, emotions make us unpredictable and impulsive. Emotions make us feel and live lively.

Emotions to E-motions, Mujeeb Patla

E-motions are more binary. Electronic media and internet technology allowed us to connect worldwide in a fraction of a second. Sitting on a comfortable couch and reaching out to millions, if not billions, in live mode is no more a miracle. Various social media platforms let us do just the same. E-motions are our involvements in a binary way too. We take sides and throw opinions, even if not needed and unnecessary. Strings of zeros and ones are the base of machine language – again, binary. Algorithms, stored instructions, run the whole digital world. E-motions are binary in their executions and in their results.

Emotions to E-motions, Mujeeb Patla

In today’s world, Emotions and E-motions are two different aspects with humans at the center. While E-motions trigger emotions, emotions are channeled through E-motions. Both leave digital footprints.

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