Resume Can Help You Find A Job?

Resume Can Help You Find A Job?, mujeeb patla

A resume is a one or two (try to restrict to one) page document that briefs your professional, personal (relevant to the job application), and academic detail in a clear, summarized, and appropriate manner. Before you reach an employer or a recruitment agency, this one-page document shall go to them and build an image of you before them.

Resume Can Help You Find A Job?, mujeeb patla

Finding a job is a serious job in itself; the only difference is that in the latter case, you are not getting paid for hunting for the job. Yet, the reward for such a tolerant planned, and well-executed mission can be a heart-filling job. Though many will argue that there are no such jobs as heart-filling or happiness-giving. Even they may claim every job is a job. And a position where a boss wants to squeeze the work out of you. In this case, you may be tempted to feel the ultimate benefit of a job as only either of the two things – weekends or salary.


You will get what you seek. Same with your employment too. Yet, some jobs give you more than mere weekends and salary. But for that, you may have to look beyond short-term benefits. You must prepare for long-term objectives and be capable of seeing, picking, and using ‘The growth opportunities’ – professionally, personally, and financially.

Returning to our topic, yes resume will help you find your ‘dream job’ or ‘a job.’


Let us list them as follows:

Introduces You

Resume Can Help You Find A Job?, mujeeb patla

As mentioned in the introduction, the resume is the medium through which you are introduced to your HR, recruitment agencies, or even the employer for the first time. You can turn the first encounter into a triumph and a token for further proceedings through well-knit words, numbers, and presentation.

Speaks for You

Resume Can Help You Find A Job?, mujeeb patla

Each resume speaks a language. It has a tone, flow, and behavior. You communicate a message through fonts, colors, presentation style, and document details. The absence of space, the inclusion of an incomplete sentence, or a coma in odd places can result in outright rejection.

Talks about You

Resume Can Help You Find A Job?, mujeeb patla

The details provided in the resume talk about your experience, expertise, knowledge, and skills. You may not be there to explain how qualified and needed you are for the position, yet this one-page document does the job for you relatively quickly.

Forms Image of You

Resume Can Help You Find A Job?, mujeeb patla

Each of the details you choose to put in the resume will connect the dots and give the employer or agent an image of you. Only when the people who read your resume find you suitable for the job you applied for, you get the interview call. Be careful with the image that you want to portray through your resume.

Helps You Get Shortlisted

Resume Can Help You Find A Job?, mujeeb patla

We have moved from Information Age to the Intelligence Age. Automation and AI tools perform repetitive, predictive, and pattern-prone activities. Most of the profile shortlisting activities humans used to do are now done by algorithms. Keywords are one major factor through which resumes are identified and shortlisted in preliminary rounds. You can be creative and effective with the keywords and ensure that the words you choose to put in your resume reflect the job requirement.

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