Recognition can come in various formats. It can be social, financial, cultural, political, or even demographic.

Yet, when you are recognized for being yourself, you start feeling yourself to be very different and exceptional.

recognition, Mujeeb Patla

If you are a student recognized for your studies or curricular or extracurricular activities, you will feel needed and connected to the school and academic system. Similarly, if you are an employee, your efforts are recognized and appreciated, or at least acknowledged, and that recognition will make a difference in your productivity and corporate contributions. And you and your employer both will benefit from it. You will feel happy and embraced if you are in the family and your place in the family is acknowledged. As part of society, or a tribe, when your identity has a space and your services are needed, you will feel accommodated and part of the system.

Let it be anywhere – in school, organization, family, tribe, or society- when you feel excluded, you start doing things to grab attention or begin protesting silently or openly.

As humans, we seek to be included and acknowledged for our identity. In fact, we develop our group identity only when we are confident that we are part of that group.

Recognition is not a trivial thing. Wherever possible, recognize others, and help those who lack the quality to achieve it. And, if you are the one who is getting unrecognized, rather than compromising on your unique attributes, find the ones who share your flock.

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