Bachelor of Engineering (B.E.) vs Bachelor of Technology (B. Tech)

Engineering education is very structured, and the subjects included in the syllabus are well planned and organized so that students will gradually grow their understanding from science to engineering.

If you are to analyze various under-graduation courses available for engineering education, two approaches are highlighted – Bachelor of Engineering (B.E) and Bachelor of Technology (B.Tech). Often, students and parents get confused by the names and try to attach extreme importance to the differences between these two courses. More than differences, they have similarities, and both are perhaps more or less designed for the same objective.

Bachelor of Engineering (B.E), Mujeeb Patla
Bachelor of Engineering (B.E)

The difference between a Bachelor of Engineering and a Bachelor of Technology comes down to the difference between engineering and technology. So, understanding the difference between the two courses also deals with the differences between the two approaches.

Bachelor of Technology (B.Tech), Mujeeb Patla
Bachelor of Technology (B.Tech)

Let us understand the differences very briefly.

  • Engineering is the mind and effort that goes into making a new product, for example, a new cell phone. Technology is the result of the application of this effort. Thus creating a cell phone can be said to engineer a cell phone. The product cell phone by itself can be said to be a new technology.
  • Engineering is a problem, whereas technology is the solution.
  • The B.E. or Bachelor of Engineering program is more theoretical, whereas the B.Tech courses are more functional-oriented. 
  • Engineering deals with the theoretical concepts and principles underlying a given engineering discipline. Technology concerns how these methods and controls are put or applied to work.
  • The B.E. (Bachelor of Engineering) program’ primary focus is to equip the student with the analytical knowledge needed to innovate technology and invent new technical devices.
  • B. Tech (Bachelor of Technology) programs are usually application and skill-based courses. They focus on making the student determine the technology behind gadgets’ functioning and adjust or enhance their work quality.

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