The Perfectionism Trap!

The Perfectionism Trap, Mujeeb Patla

You can demand god-standard accuracy in any aspect of your activity. I purposefully used the word god-standard in place of the gold standard to remind us about perfectionism and to what extent it can be achieved. Gold is precious, yet more extraordinary, pure, and benchmark-able metals are available. So, the yellow metal has to be replaced by something more heavenly and perfect. So, the god-standard.

To be frank, achieving perfection is the most unbelievable lie you can tell yourself. You may feel you completed 100% of your output with 100% accuracy, yet this may not be the 100% of someone who judges your work. Perfection is constantly subjected to relativity. Absolute perfection can only be claimed and achieved with superman’s or superwoman’s effort. Still, we will find inconsistencies in the result if you are not a fan of that super-being.

The Perfectionism Trap, Mujeeb Patla

However, one can propose a minimum standard that has to be attained instead of some vaguely defined perfectionism aspect. In many disciplines, such a minimum standard is valuable and necessary too. Take the case of the medical field, education, financial, and hospitality sectors; a minimum expectation has to be reached to serve its clients and beneficiaries. Students must have minimum discipline and knowledge to upgrade to the next level. If you are an author or artist, you can have a minimum standard for your works and always strive to keep the status.

The Perfectionism Trap, Mujeeb Patla

There is also an approach of Minimum Viable Product (MVP), where you can deliver the product with minimum capabilities and then upgrade it to the next level of betterment, the next, and so on. Especially in the software industry, MVP’s possibilities are tremendous. You do not have to wait till the whole end to share the product with your customer. Customers can also feel and evaluate the product before its final shape. You can significantly avoid the moments when the project requirement was to make a dinosaur, and the developers ended up in a lizard. Prototypes are not the final product yet undergo the design check and are tested for compatibility.

My point is, do not wait for the perfect moment, status, or product to proceed. Even if you feel less prepared for another job, you no longer need to suffer a dreadful employer till you reach the perfect moment. Rather than living in agony, face a new employer or interviewer, step out of your comfort zone, and continue the pursuit. You are good to go even if you feel you are not ready. Because nobody is perfect, and absolute perfection is only a fantasy.

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