How To Be An Artist and Still Get Paid?: The Science of Becoming An Artist, and The Art of Getting Paid.

‘How To Be An Artist & Still Get Paid?’ is my second book.

How to be an artist and still get paid – Book cover

The life of an artist is not that shining all the time. Instead, there lies a phase of struggle and patience. Only very few pass this testing time and makeup to the next level. These are the individuals we see as rockstars and celebrities.

One of the biggest challenges of an artist is to get paid for their creativity. It is difficult for these creative creatures; reasons may vary.

This book is written (I will call it rather symbolized because of excessive use of illustrations in the book) in three parts: 

  1. First, how to exist as an artist?
  2. How to get paid for being an artist?
  3. Finally, how to raise to the next level of becoming a legend?

This book discusses art as an act where creativity is applied and artists as someone who can communicate creativity most effectively. Artwork can be any piece of work where an invention is utilized.

You can have a copy of this book from Amazon:

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