‘Start from You.’ | About My First Book.

This is my first book.
And, before you start turning the first page of that book, I urge you to get certain things straight. This article is my prologue.

Why did I write this book?

To help the reader find his/her inner treasures. These treasures are presented as six self-help tools with each tool having the scope and muscle to prepare you for meaningful career success.

What is a self-help tool?

A tool is a ‘thing or stuff or device or implements’ used to carry out a function. Self-help tools are used for self-help. You have to learn to use these tools for your own benefit. Learn to use these six self-help tools to help yourself in achieving better results in your career.

In the book – ‘Start from You’, self-help tools have a few more specialties. They are present within our reach, inside each of us. These tools, though we all are possessing and born with, may not manifest if not realized aptly. They can be sharpened, and are used for finding treasure hidden within us.

What is a ‘self-help’ book?

A book is a source of information. Few books tell us stories, few of them share facts. Some books are written to communicate ideas. Books are also written to spread particular ideologies, and few books capture history and personalities. Self-help books are unique in a way that they enable us to work on ourselves for our own betterment.

Take an example of you visiting a tea shop. You are not given a ready-made tea, instead, ingredients and hot water are served instead. The quality of tea depends entirely on your ability to prepare that tea. Here, the tea shop’s scope and role are to provide you with all the necessary ingredients needed to make a superb tea. How successful you are in this venture defines your ability and skill. Self-help books are the suppliers of ingredients. These books will facilitate you with all the necessary building blocks that are needed to ‘uplift’ your life. Self-help books by themselves cannot do any wonder, rather, these books in a welcoming hand, tuned mind, and comprehending brain can do wonders. Self help-book can be a source of wonders to your life.

What is in ‘Start from You.’?

Well, ‘Start from You.’ is written with a unique objective in mind. Here, six self-help tools are introduced. They are not something not known to many, yet they are the elephants in the room. We heard them before, yet not listened to them. We know them, yet they are unknown to us.

In this book, a career is likened to a journey, and self-help tools are introduced as necessary elements needed for your career journey. Six self-help tools can be briefly listed as below:

  1. Self Awareness: Knowing yourself is the beginning of your story. If and when you know ‘YOU’, your strength, your weakness, you are starting to exist. Existence is important because, if you fail to exist, you fail to live.
  2. Self Motivation: When you have a fair understanding of yourself, the next task is to give a little spark that triggers your further actions. Let the spark come from within you. Train yourself to do that. Self-motivation is the tool for this cause.
  3. Self Initiation: After getting the first spark, it is our responsibility to start the engine with that short impact. If not with the first spark, to the second, or to the next. Initiation is the starting point. When you start, 50% of the journey is already completed.
  4. Self Direction: Getting proper turns, deciding on branching of ways – all are vital to any expedition. Building powerful machinery within yourself, which can dictate suitable directions, is essential to career success.
  5. Self Discipline: Understanding and following codes and rules mercilessly is a mammoth task. If you are determined to reach your well-planned destination, along with your self-direction, you need to have discipline. To develop a daring nerve to behave to yourself and turn away from any possible distractions is more than a pledge.
  6. Self Evaluation: Reaching a concluding point and reaching the finishing point with the entire path traveled along with achievements being self-evaluated are entirely two different levels. Evaluation allows us to understand how well we reached our results and formulates a template for our future actions.

In a nutshell, ‘Start from You’ is a toolkit that includes 6 self-help tools for your career enhancement and ultimately to its success.

Who should read this book?

This book is written with the following audience in mind. Also, I am adding the details on how each of them can benefit from the information shared in the book:

  1. Students: Whichever stream or format of education you are following, after your education in schools and colleges, you are going to pursue a set of activities that will generate income for you. These activities collectively and in parts will constitute your career journey. ‘Start from You’ will help you in preparing for this journey.
  2. Job seekers: Job seeking is a tiring task. You need to keep your morale in check and your motivation high. You must know your capabilities and strengths. Before shaking hands with your first employer, come in agreement with your inner self on what you need exactly from you and for you. ‘Start from You’ will enable this conditioning.
  3. First-time employees: You might have already understood the life of working for someone and the actions and hardships one has to undergo to make the ends meet. I am not referring to specifics, but the general employment life format- taking orders, executing them, and being accountable for your actions. Your parents will not come here to save you or will be called to explain for you. You answer your actions. ‘Start from You’ will help to seed the changes you want in your life for your future career prospects.
  4. Seasoned employees & Executives: You are looking for a change. ‘Start from You’ is a catalyst for your cause.
  5. Start-up dreamers: Entrepreneurial efforts need vision, creativity, bravery, and patience. ‘Start from You’ will give you a perspective to fit the above-mentioned four fundamental blocks of enterprising.

Every soul deserves a life that explains his/her purpose. Identifying the purpose and starting to pursue them is a career voyage. Start the expedition from you. ‘Start from You’ can be your starting point to a career journey of happiness, achievement, and success.

Wishing you all a beneficial reading experience.

Wishing you all a happy, vibrant and peaceful 2022.

‘Start from You’ is available in paperback, hardcover, and e-book (Kindle) versions. To have a copy of this book, please follow the link:

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