Career Success, A ‘3’ Parameter Approach

Successful career is a relative term.

Spoiler Alert: I know that.

‘Career success’, or ‘a successful career’ for many people mean many things. For some it will be finding happiness in what they do, for some, it will be doing some thing that will make them happy. For few it will be about satisfaction or avoiding a tragedy. And, for others it will be about connecting what they learned in schools/colleges to job they are doing. For some it is a means to pay bills and fulfilling commitments and bank loans, or avoiding credit card dues. Some of us even may connect eternal well being to job to mean career success. Career success for few of us, is a funding plan for our ‘luxury-glossy’ life style.

For many career success is not defined yet. For some, they do not want to define. They like it vague and in the clouds.

So I will stick with what I put in the intro, ‘Career success is a relative term, and it can mean many things to many people’.

Now lets identify three essential steps a person undergo, or a person has to undergo to have a successful career. Assuming career here means life through jobs and success means growth (material growth of course).

Step 1: Getting Education / Earning Skills:

School days and college semesters we use to gain these valuable assets. ‘Knowledge of what’ alone will not do education, ‘Knowledge of how and why’ too is important. Building a proper skill set during your academic years too is a challenge. Never miss it.

Step 2: Getting ‘The Job’ (not ‘A Job’):

Getting ‘A Job’ is easier. But identifying ‘The Job’ suitable to your skill set, interest, utilizes your talent and aptitude, is the real task. Never settle in ‘A Job’. Even if you are forced to cave-in, make it a temporary stop towards your long term marathon race.

Step 3: Growing Through The Job (in terms of Money / Reputation / Responsibility, not just AGE!):

Yes, there are many jobs in the market offered by employers who will help you to add age to your bio-data and will make you ‘salary-addict’, and ‘vulnerable’. These jobs will not add value, instead, will make you redundant and ultimately a great dinosaur. Generations later some may have to dig and arrange the bones to really understand what you were up to.

3 Parameter Approach to Career Success

It is often mistaken or misunderstood and repeated innumerable times by our parents, neighbors, family, teachers and institutions, that, good career means great score card in the school/college exams. This chains us and our kids in the step 1. We must also facilitate and empower our children/us to climb the second step of getting ‘The Job’. The Job here means, a job which is in line with your long term vision and career dream fulfillment. A job that will take care of you, if you take care of them. A job for a company/organization, which considers you and your strength for the mutual benefit. A job that will value your qualities and where you find your strength paying off in your growth. This brings to our third step – Growing Through ‘The Job’. If you manage to get ‘The Job’ in ‘The Company’, you will for sure find your oxygen and live quite successfully. Even if the company find it difficult to take you along during its most dreadful days, at least it will give you enough of the ‘expertise’ by which you can ‘survive’ and seek next better opportunity.

What if you were/are unsuccessful in getting in to all the three steps? Remember how we started, career success is a relative term, and it can mean many things to many people.

You just mean what becomes convenient to you!

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