Success Stories – 3 Natures!

Often we confront with many success stories. We remember the characters, end result and the benefit the characters gain through these successes in terms of material or eternal currencies.

What if we analyze those success stories through the it’s very nature?

This article is an effort in that direction.

Success Story No. 1: Strength


Through your skill and talent you make the game and win it through your strength, as simple as that! This is the first nature of success story we see many times. You possess the tools and techniques to cruise through the processes and gain substantial lead from opponents, and you win. Here, your skill set and training-undergone defines your success. Your aptitude!

Success Story No. 2: Weakness

Weak competition

You win because you are the best among the worst. Lack of eligible competition and competitors allow you to reap the success. Had there been a level ground, people who possess the required tool-kits to define the game and the result, you may never reach the finals, or even you may not get qualified. This is the game where players win and the game fail, the objective of the game fail.

Success Story No. 3: Determination


This can also be named as ‘success with a style!’. Of course it must be! Here the player, that’s you, loose. You try, loose again. You loose several times. But you stand from each failures and gives a try with improved efforts. 100 times you fail, and 101 times you stand. Success is inevitable for sure for a person who refuse to loose! Here you win, not only for your skill set and training undergone, but for your patience, consistency and determination. Here you win for your attitude. Here you win because you refuse to loose.

We may win for our strength, or for our competitors’ weakness, but the real success is in winning through our failures.

Thought for the day!

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