Education – 3 Objectives!

Education is a process. It can be a destination too. It can be a path, or a way; even a result.

In each of the above formats, education serves different purposes to different people. Objective of investigating and identifying avatars of education in itself explains the reasons why a person is pursuing education.

I would like to list out 3 major objectives education serves to its pursuer:

1. Education Brings Knowledge:


Education in its purest form understood to bring knowledge. Raw data will be processed to information which will be served to students through different education systems and styles. Processed information becomes knowledge of the student. Knowledge when again processed becomes wisdom and towards the end of the value chain, and only if the student turns out to be super-lucky, develops insight.

2. Education Builds A Career:


Education can also be turned towards skill earning. Professional education often takes this format of skill imparting. Here, students undergo education to build skill sets. These skills are the building blocks of a career. In modern times, society perceives, patents insist and students aspires education to be a ‘career making’ affair. And, education institutions are in constant struggle to bring placement services to their campuses and convert as many students as possible to be employee of a reputed company towards the end of that education process!

3. Education Facilitates Decision Making:

Decision Making?

This is a very interesting format of education. A deep-broad-wide thinking will allow the real purpose of education to reveal itself, a facilitator of decision making. Of course decision making involves 3 basic elements:

  • Knowledge of different options
  • Guidance for making a decision
  • Courage to take a decision

Education system supposed to train student community to graduate in all of the 3 basic elements of decision making. In this way and by earning the education in this manner, students become eligible of taking a decision.

Over the decades, sadly, education has scored 💯 in 2 of the above objectives, that is, knowledge and career aspects. Or at least trying to win big in those areas. But doing really bad in the 3rd spot. And the result? Knowledged, career oriented individual with absolutely minimum capacity to make a meaningful decision!

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