Sales; Just Numbers?

Temperature is measured in numbers (with various units of measurement – degree Celsius, Fahrenheit, Kelvin, etc.), yet the temperature is a measure of heat, not numbers.

Mass is measured in numbers (with various units of measurement – Kilogram, gram, tonne, etc.), yet the mass is a measure of the amount of matter, not numbers.

Holding the same breath, let’s revisit what a sale is. Sales may be measured in numbers, yet sales are not numbers alone but a measure of value in a transaction.

Suppose we borrow the definition of a sale from Investopedia –  a transaction between two or more parties that involves the exchange of tangible or intangible goods, services, or assets for money. In some cases, assets other than cash are paid to a seller. So, sales enable transactions between parties. However, to materialize one transaction, the transaction’s value must be established. This can be done through its economic sense, quality perspective, aesthetic appeal, long-term or short-term benefits, or even as a goodwill gesture. Once the parties involved in the transaction realize the value, the transaction proceeds with its deserving velocity (with magnitude and direction).

There are people in the field of sales or one with a sales career or even job – they try to understand and operate sales as a number game. Yes, sales are about planning, forecasting, projecting, setting targets, and achieving milestones – in all spheres, numbers, and sales go hand in hand. However, one grave danger of a pure numeric approach to sales is that you focus on the result more than the process. Sales are very much process-oriented activity, and to have consistent salesmanship, you need to understand the value of the transaction yourself first and then help your customer realize it.

The Salesman’s Luck Book by Mujeeb Patla

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