The Salesman’s Luck: Build Your Sales Luck!

Author: Mujeeb Patla

The life of a salesperson is not easy. It is filled with challenges, competitions, expectations, forecasts, and numbers. Also, there are phenomenons like targets, projections, monthly achievements, cold calls, lead generations, follow-ups, customer relationship management (CRM), etc., which tremendously impact each salesperson’s career. Suppose the author has to borrow a metaphor from his primary teacher’s vocabulary about how the teacher used to explain mathematics as a (tougher one, as it may seem in the beginning) subject to his students; sales, as a career, is like a coconut – very hard from the outside, but when broken with required skill and efforts, soft and juicy inside. A sales job may look hard and tiresome from the outside; however, when you immerse yourself in its various tasks, a flow will be generated that takes you from the most fundamental principle to the top most advanced stages.


‘The Salesman’s Luck’ is written for those who consider luck to be planned, designed, operated, and managed.

The Salesman’s Luck

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