Building Insights!

Insight /ˈɪnsʌɪt/ = The capacity to gain an accurate and deep understanding of someone or something.

Each word, each gesture has a literal meaning, and also a hidden but obvious implication. Even an object or a person in a certain place and on a particular occasion say something to us.

‘Building Insights’ by Mujeeb Patla

As we grow and see more tragedies, failures and successes in life and surroundings; our brain, mind and heart coordinate and operate in better harmony. As years passes by, happiness, sadness, thoughtfulness, confusions, and other endless list of emotions that we can or can’t reflect on our face tell we have been in similar situations before and rather sooner or later the opposite side will be reached. If you are sad, then you will be happy, if you are confused, then a kind of firmness likewise.

Learning from failures; continuing the effort without repeating the same mistakes; even at the Himalayan heights of successes, realizing that the moment of triumph is temporary and arbitrary and the next bigger and deadlier challenge is in waiting; are some of the few ways of building insights. God, Almighty, or nature (if you have difficulties in accepting the existence of a superb-being and its super-existence) throw us opportunities to check our learning process and toss challenges to try our willingness to act.

If I can say career as a lifelong journey through our acts of survival, insight is the journal we all must create, update and use to enlighten our journey towards that survival.

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