Face MASKs – New Variants Found!!!

This cartoon shows commonly found 3 variants of face masks across the globe.

Face MASK Variants – Cartoon by Mujeeb Patla

Face MASK variant trying to prevent COVID 19 spreading, either as a carrier of the virus or from the carriers of the vaccine. Corona virus hate these guys!

Chin MASK variant, showing their intention to participate in the drive to fight COVID 19, by covering chin (??) with face mask, though useless, they are more of adhering to principles, but comfort first. This variant is politically correct, legally correct but health wise and in moral standing, ‘wearing underwear on the legs’. Corona virus likes these variant so much.

No MASK variant, is one step ahead from rest of the two. A firm believer and propagator of conspiracy theories. For this variant, Korana never exist! Corona virus didn’t want to comment on this variant because, as rightly quoted from virus sources, why they should be bothered to even utter a word about these variants, when the variant don’t even accept virus existence!

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