Filled Vessels

One usually feels complete and perfect within their limited understanding of the world and life. When they keep such thoughts to themselves, there may not be such significant issues with such – ‘frog-of-the-well’ philosophies.

When such ‘filled vessels’ start interacting with others, arguing about matters and trying to win over any discussion with their limited knowledge and poor judgments, it becomes a social problem. Social media like Facebook, Twitter, etc., – wherever users are given a free pass to flood their opinions and comments, are the easiest places to find such frogs and vessels. They have opinions on all the world matters and are ready to judge any person and situation. They suffocate other users with their ‘expertise.’

When we feel we have reached the limit of understanding, knowledge, and expertise, be careful, it is the limit to our growth. We must have even more space if we want to outgrow this ‘filled-vessel’ mindset. Some space to accommodate our limitations, a few spaces to include our mistakes, and above all, space for our improvement and our advancements.

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