Confidence Killers

Confidence is the belief or faith in oneself. No matter what level of education you attain or what kind of expertise you possess, you will miss your deserving place in your home, family, society, workplace, or even your career plan without confidence.

Confidence Killers, Mujeeb Patla

Attribute your various personal qualities to a human body – your face as your attitude, your hands as your skillfulness, your tongue as your eloquence, etc.; confidence will be the spine that makes you stand for your values and strengths. 

You might have met people who achieved an advanced level of education and awareness yet stayed very low in their career profile. Also, you might have met people with little education yet sitting with top-notch designations executives. While one set of people has earned their worth and yet are unsure of their place, the other set is adorning the highest positions of hierarchal systems with cock-sure faith and belief – the difference is ‘confidence.’

Let’s discuss three critical confidence-killing elements now.


Confidence Killers, Mujeeb Patla

Fear of everything and everyone for no particular reason is one confidence killer that stops a person from achieving their deserved place in a system – let it be home, family, society, or even an organization. Identifying, acknowledging, and managing fear is fundamental if you want to stand with a straight spine and head up. Suppose you feel you have been ignored for promotion in any setup, even after being capable of receiving it. In that case, the one main reason is your inability to handle the fear of getting, losing, being unable to achieve, quality of result, etc. Fear is not an unnecessary element, it is needed, but you must realize how to tame it.


Confidence Killers, Mujeeb Patla

A person full of self-doubts cannot convince another person otherwise. Doubting your strengths and worth is the next confidence killer. When you doubt your ability to achieve something, you give excuses for your non-doings and encourage your helplessness.


Confidence Killers, Mujeeb Patla

Expectations are good and needed. When you set an expectation for your performance, you form the basic blueprint of your efforts and possible outcomes. Under-expectation will cause an underestimation of your strengths and overestimation of your weaknesses and may question your merit to handle an issue or take on specific responsibilities. And over-expectation may make you feel more than you are.

Confidence is the soul of your determination and the currency of your existence. Your confidence is your responsibility; no outside force can alter it.

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