Imagine, Dare Against Conventional Wisdom.

Knowledge comes from experience – yours or others.

Knowledge can be gained by experiencing, experimenting, reading, or watching what others have experienced and tested.

Knowledge can be firsthand or recorded.

In all cases, wisdom grows from the knowledge you have. However, when you leave learning to the accounts of the past, wisdom becomes a barrier to your growth than a reason for it. If you have to utilize wisdom for your advancement, the best way is to break from the pattern where wisdom depends heavily on the past.

You may not have to experience and experiment all the time to have wisdom. Imagination is a powerful way of moving out of conventional wisdom. You may not get all the luxury you get when following a past-oriented-wisdom because the result of future-oriented-wisdom is not tested and its effects are unknown. You may not receive social acceptance or colleagues’ standing ovation initially, but all will follow as you succeed in your point.

Yet, imagination gives you wings to move around and figure out your limitations.

Reference: Make, Trade and Master - Make the Artist in You, Trade Your Creativity, and Master the Game. Author: Mujeeb Patla

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