Make, Trade and Master – A Career Self-help Book for Creative Minds

Becoming an artist is a creative task. Also, one must have a tremendous amount of patience and determination to see the other end of the woods in the artistic world. You have incredible talents, and if you invest your effort and time wisely, you can generate the resources needed to express your creativity. This book follows a unique approach of dividing the whole journey into three parts:

Make: Where you are building your creative strengths and reorganizing the surroundings to facilitate and be a better artist.

Trade: Where you learn your potential to amplify your capacity to generate even more resources and achieve the financial backup needed to thrive further in your artistic career.

Master: Where you find meaning in your creative career journey and gradually build a lasting legacy. Mastering is beyond the title of being a professional.

“Make, Trade and Master: Make the Artist in You, Trade Your Creativity, and Master the Game.” by Mujeeb Patla.

Make, Trade and Master – A Career Self-help Book for Creative Minds

Start reading it here:

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