The pursuit of happiness.

Endless examinations, piling up assignments and impositions, Jai lost his cool, and breathed hard, “I will be the happiest person in the world on the day I am out of this wretched school system!”.

School days finished, but Jai was not happy. “May be..”, Jai hoped, “.. a good job will give me freedom, and I can spent my time and money wherever whenever I want, I will be the happiest then!”.

Years passed, Jai is a graduate now. Running from one door to the other, one interview panel to the other, one job website to the other, a busy man! Each time he wondered on the endless ‘Resume Distribution Rituals’ (RDR), and how badly he needed a job to be happy and content.

Jai declared, openly to the world around him, “my happiness will see no boundaries sooner I land in a job, any job”.

After few more attempts and hard work, Jai ended up in a pretty much decent job. Yet, Jai missed happiness part in his life. He thought that a life partner and loving wife would complete him and he could be the happiest man then!

Mujeeb patla
Pursuit of happiness
The Pursuit of Happiness

Jai and his parents started searching for a good girl. Luck struck again as a thunderbolt right in the middle of vast plain field! Jai wedded a beautiful girl from a very prosperous family.

Honeymoon over. Days and months passed, Jai still could not feel any happiness. Jai told himself, “As soon as I father a kid, I will be happier!”. Jai’s wife delivered, not one, but twins!! One boy and one girl. Yet, Jai was not happy.

Now desperate, Jai felt, “I will be happy once my kids grow up and have a good career, have their family and settle”.

Years passed just like that! Both his kids landed in some of the amazing careers in the world. They too married, had babies. But, still, Jai was not happy!

By then, Jai became an old man. He started going for prayer gatherings and started concentrating more on religious affairs away material-world matters. And one day told his wife and dear ones, “I will be happy once I die and meet Almighty”. So, everyone waited for Jai to die and meet Almighty, and hoped, “Jai will be happy once he die.”

Jai might have met God Almighty in the other world. Did he managed to meet his happiness finally? Not sure.

PS Note: Jai stands for Just Another Individual.

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