Problem Solving; Few Thoughts…

There are three kinds of human walking around this world:

  1. One who finds solutions for the problems
  2. One who find problems in the solutions
  3. One who is not even aware of existence of any problems.

Problems are matters or situations regarded as unwelcome or harmful and need to be dealt with and overcome.

The matters or situations mentioned above involve people, and their interactions. May not always, but most of the times.
Hence, any discussion on problem solving better include techniques and methodologies managing people who actively/passively participate through their actions/reactions, and result in any problem.

I will present here, before you, 3 ways of dealing any problem and finding the solution:

Way 1: Ignoring

Ignoring the existence of any problem at all. So, ignoring people who make problem, and avoiding situation that can reach upto a problem. This is a simple and very easy way of am dealing any problem. You just have to shut your eyes, fold your ears, zip your lips and shutdown your thinking process. And put faith in front seat, and hope for the best. Anything that goes bad, wrong, worst or even better, name on your fate and destiny.

Way 2: Fighting

Fighting a problem with hope to kill it and evaporate it. I used the word ‘evaporate’ very purposefully, because, whenever you end something from it’s existence, it will have a byproduct, reminiscence, or at least a ‘dead body’. Evaporation will avoid such scenarios, it will directly convert solid/liquid form to gaseous format. Why is gaseous form? Because it can fly above unnoticed, spread in air and you don’t have to be bothered about them anymore. When I presented words like ‘Fighting’, ‘Killing’, ‘Dead Body’, never think those words has to be called out for its literal meanings. Metaphorical sense has to be taken in each context. Hence, fighting a problem is more aggressive way of handling that problem by treating the problem as Enemy No.1. No diplomatic channels or dialogues used here, just direct confrontation and conflict. As it may seem obvious, chances of smokes and noises are real, and are the highlights of this way of dealing the problem.

Way 3: Collaboration

Working with the problem and people who knowingly/unknowingly contributed/caused the problem. Working with a problem to find a solution is far more attractive and practical way of dealing that problem. This is because, in the process of solving the problem, you actually neutralizes the harms and evils of those problems.

Problems are inevitable part of our life. If we solve a set of problem, we get better problems to solve. And, by solving each levels of problems, complexity of the problems increase. Our understanding of the problems evolve. We become more and more competent and our value upgrades.

So, problem solving is not just some random tedious tasks of digging the hole, finding the right dots and connecting them to solve the puzzle; but, they are the golden opportunities presenting before us to manifest our value and worth in the system where we are living.

Did I mention Value Engineering of mankind?

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