Attitude.. that defines you!

Attitude 1: “Keep succeeding till I fail”

Attitude 2: “Keep failing till I succeed”

Attitudes are important. It adds to the personality. It builds a person. It is the personal quality and uniqueness in an individual who possess it.

Attitude that defines you.

Attitude can be good or bad.

Good attitudes open path for a person to raise in his/her life. It is an asset. Open up more opportunities. Allow to deal with complex and complicated problems in one’s life. They define success amid pain and suffering. Good attitudes grow patience, gratitude and consistency in an individual.

Bad attitudes, on the contrary, become a burden. it is a liability. They breed misfortunes and crisis. They make complex and complicated scenarios in one’s life to even more lethal and out of control. Than solving a problem, bad attitudes contribute more to it. Bad attitudes grow uncertainty, hopelessness and helplessness.

Success and failure are part of one’s life. They have meaning and relevance relative to the person and context. Frame of reference is an important aspect before passing any judgment. A success in short term may be a failure in long term, and a failure in short term could be a success in long term. Some success bring failures and many failures result in bigger ad lasting success.

Yet, success brings happiness, hope, confidence, self-belief, courage, dignity. And, failure brings antonyms of all the above words plus pain. Repeated success makes us rigid, convinced and proud. Continuous failures allow us to experiment, try different solutions, makes you modest, down to earth and passionate.

Now tell me, from the above two attitudes, which one defines you?

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