Breathe Just Oxygen!

India is undergoing an unprecedented (Govt. was notified in October by the expert committee), unexpected (existence of new variant was comprehended in last quarter of 2020 itself) and unprepared (PM and Home Minister was busy campaigning for state elections) second ware of COVID 19. The pandemic hit the nation so worse that the diseased bodies are floating in rivers, queuing outside crematoriums, while the affected patients are running across the hospitals for breathing oxygen and basic medical care.

Amid this heart breaking situation, Oxygen cylinders have gathered under a chief and deciding not to breathe anything but oxygen to its needed. Politicians in this part of world are famous for spitting communal venoms to divide the civilians across the religious-cast marks. This cartoon by Mujeeb Patla draws a stark contrast to comparing politicians hypocrisy abandoned by a bunch of oxygen cylinders.

‘Breathe Just Oxygen’

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