The Busyness: Very Busy, yet no Outcome? A Book for the Busy!!

This book is dedicated to all the busy people out there. You may be among them.

As you will read from the introduction, busyness is of two kinds – one kind will make you busy and give you results, and the other will also make you busy but won’t give any results. This book is written to address the second kind of busyness. And the intention behind writing this book is to make you think about why and how your busyness is not benefiting you. As this book is written to make it land in the hands of busy people who have no time to spare to spend on tasks that needs patience, especially reading a book, the author made the content – condensed, compressed, and concentrated to as few words as possible.

If the author has to highlight the readers who can benefit from reading this book, then it will be those who are busy running the race without realizing where is the finishing point, what are the rules of the race, and where the race track is through which they have to run. This book is for those who do not have time to read, time to think, time to reflect, and time to act – yet, precisely, they are the ones who shall be doing all of those four things religiously – read, think, reflect and act. This is true, especially for the busyness that yields no benefits or positive outcomes.

The Busyness – A book for the busy.

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