Planning A Career in Hotel Management? Know 10 Benefits!

Millennials are blamed for many reasons. After global warming and extremist terrorism, this generation stand accused of grave situations in the planet. Motivational speaker Simon Sinek in his famous interview accused millennials of many things but not limited to:

  1. Impatient
  2. Entitled
  3. Lacking long term vision
  4. Easy going
  5. Undisciplined
  6. Unmanageable
  7. Someone who misunderstood ‘value’ for ‘comfort’
  8. Narcist
  9. Overrated
  10. Reward-seeking

One such opinion from one such motivational speaker. I neither accept nor reject it. Millennials are the obvious misfits in the already established world order. Yet, to explain a career field in hotel management I need you to feel the soul and mind of these millennial culprits.

Millennials are individuals who born in early 1980s and are mostly creative, largely self expressing and definitely freedom loving. They seek value in their affairs and wish to have results in their life. Hotel management is such a career field that requires most of the qualities that millennial offer happily and whole heartedly. Remind you! I am not asking every millennial to pursue a career in hotel management, perhaps making a straight case of its resemblance to the generation traits; comparing fruit to its color, kind of..

Hotel management, which can be understood to be a subset of hospitality management, demands few personal qualities for its members:

  1. Social Engineer: knowing and behaving in a society.
  2. Emotional Intelligent: Knowing and comforting yourself and the guy interacting with you.
  3. Creative: Thinking out of the box
  4. Go-getter: Bring solution to the problems, not the reverse
  5. People-person: Expert in handling situations
  6. Humanist: Respect and exhibit human qualities

Below are the ten benefits of pursuing a glowing career in hotel management:

10 Benefits of Hotel Management Career
  1. Work Anywhere: Let it be a soothing beach, flashy hotel floors, a beautiful island, a busy city, an emerging suburban locality, or even a calm rural countryside; a career in hotel management can take you anywhere. You can choose your background and foreground. You can decide where you have to work, in which theme. This luxury of choosing from different work environments is exclusive for this field of career.
  2. Elegant Life Style Guaranteed: Elegancy is a relative word. It is subjective too. Yet, usage of this word here means something to the profession of hotel management. Most of the illustrious employers in the hotel management career field are linked to handful of hotel chain moguls, like Hilton or Marriott etc. These hotel chains know exactly what is required to stay in business. They value their employees and their well-being, and they let their employee know that too. Most of the employers irrespective of the domains realized the importance of corporate success through ‘Employee First’ strategy. Employers in hotel management field too reward their employees through excellent benefits and competitive salaries.
  3. Golden Opportunities for Career Advancement: For any employee, feeling stuck in a certain profile and designation and position for long time, is suffocating. Toxic companies exist because of wicked management practices. Able management bodies allow employees to grow through their profession by trusting them with more responsibilities and training them through their career path, if the management wish to see their employee force demonstrate the potential and capability they hold. Than recruiting outsiders for a job position, considering existing employees for the position will save cost, effort and the training for the newly joined employee. And, for the promoted employee, it will be a career leap within organization. Such opportunities are immense in the field of hotel management.
  4. Financial Benefits: Modern economists and career gurus may argue on the importance of financial benefits and its role in boosting morale of the employees. They claim, job satisfaction cannot be measured through monetary benefits or rewards. Yet, business bodies exist, grow and prosper through profits and revenue returns! Ironic isn’t it? Employers in the field of hotel management field are often generous in sharing their fortunes through bonuses to its employees. Because, they realize a happy and satisfied employee can only make a customer happy and satisfied.
  5. You are Mobile: Software & IT industry is glamorous! They offer huge chunk of salary and hefty benefits! Yet, they shackle its employees to a chair-cubicle space. Sitting and slotting for hours, the kind of professions will consume the employee and result in psychological disorders, health associated problems. Lethal for long term as well as in short run. Not in a hotel management career. If you work for a company that owns multiple hotels internationally, lucky you are! You can request a transfer to a different hotel every couple of years. It is a common practice in the hotel industry in fact, and there are not many other careers that offer this type of flexibility and mobility.
  6. You’re A Fresher? No Job Experience? No Problem!: ‘You can not get a job, unless you have job experience!’, ‘Get some job experience!’ many fresh graduates heard these dialogues from different corners as an advise, an instruction, or a command or even as a threat! Common sense tells, unless someone is ready to offer a job, train them in job, how he/she can have the required job experience? Well, this crisis is nearly non-existing in this field. On the contrary, employers are in constant hunt for fresh and energetic youths. With right set of attitude, social skills and training, even a fresh graduate can be a great fit for an organization, especially in the field of hotel management and hospitality industry. The hospitality industry tends to value an outgoing personality, dedication to excellent customer service, and a strong work ethic over experience.
  7. Free Food! Its Real!: Once a well-respected person declared very famously – ‘There are no free lunches!’, Well, there is. Especially in the hotel management field. In fact, this is considered one such exclusive perk of this career. Dining from a five star hotel menu is no more a dream. If you could work there, you could eat from there too. Once in a life time experience served to you hence.
  8. Visit Exotic Places under Discounted Fare: Who doesn’t like travelling the world and feeling nature’s beauty! Most of the employers in the hotel business will offer generous discounts or free rooms to their staff when they are traveling. These ‘benefits’ will be extended to “friends and family” too, with a special discounted rate who are traveling with you.
  9. You can be Satisfied!: Even the brightest of the rocket scientists are doomed to work under a sadist of the bosses. Here, employees derive their job satisfaction from the facial expressions and talking tones of these bosses. Though there will be customers, direct interaction will be limited to the top executives of the organization. Hence, knowing the direct customer satisfaction is difficult. But, individuals working in the hotel and hospitality industry are lucky to be in direct contact with customer, and direct service to them will make you eligible to obtain rewards from customer without any aid from some middleman. If you are good in serving value to the customer, you will receive the reward. May not be in terms of monetary aid always, a smile too can bring a difference to your day. Remember, human beings are approval-seeking organisms.
  10. Humanistic Values will be Rewarded: Being human is a tough job. Especially in a corporate work culture. Often, loud, self promoting, narcist, over confident ‘bullies’ steal the show from the deserved and capable individuals. Yet, hotel and hospitality industry stand unique where human values and social skills will be rewarded handsomely based on merit. A kind word, a generous look, or a sweet smile can bring magic to your career.

Having listed few benefits of hotel management career, it must be highlighted that, selecting the right employer who deserves your service must be done consciously.

Remember, you are pledging to invest your time and effort for them for some point of time. Make sure they deserve you. There are infinite number of employers in this field too who exist and thrive by extracting work from its employees without even acknowledging their hard work or rewarding them with deserving paycheck. In fact, employees are bullied and threatened to stay in the job by creating an atmosphere of fear and uncertainty.

This topic is explained in the following video. Language of presentation is Malayalam.

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