The Ultimate Motivation!

What is motivation?

A state wherein a person/group achieves, instantly, or during a course of time, purpose/meaning/direction.

Who gave this definition?



People under such motivation does stuffs which in normal case may not happen. A definition to ‘motivation’, in this case, from my thought.

Ultimate Motivation by Mujeeb Patla

In some places, times and in some situations we find ourselves surrounded by demons of hopelessness spreading wings of fear and utter confusions. The very moment will question existence of yours and disapproves all your decisions and relieve you from every qualification that you thought or feel you have.

A passionate pat on your shoulder, an encouraging look that lit you up, a sweet smile assuring harmlessness and absolute positivity; many more such acts that guarantees existence of humanity and a hope to live further, each can be counted as motivating and inspiring.

What if that someone can stand up and talk to you, soul shaking?

What if, these words pave a new road for your life? A new direction to your thinking process?

What if he/she proves you are wrong in all the aspects and subjects, in which, as you felt, you are absolutely right?

Well, that is motivation!

Ultimate motivation!

Published in (Aug 30, 2018)

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