Useful Knowledge!

Education is a process that prepares you to handle knowledge.

Knowledge is the addition of new information and comprehension of its possibilities. Education allows you to remove already existing, irrelevant, outdated, and contradicting knowledge you gathered during your development years (only if you choose to.)

If there is an abundance of helpful knowledge that can bring real difference in one’s life and career, there is also no scarcity in the knowledge of the other kind – useless (or less valuable) – by acquiring which no one – you or the ones related to you – gain any advantage or benefit.

Seeing the magnitude of complaints against the current education system and its (in)effectiveness in bringing career success or even securing a one-time meal, I feel, need for meaningful debates among the policy makers and educators to figure out what stops a person who acquires knowledge yet misses to find its better use, is already exceeded. Engineering graduates’ struggle to find their space and scope as engineers is one among the many real-life case studies we all confront daily, where knowledge run away from its application.

Getting the proper education is a challenge. Acquiring Knowledge from one’s education is critical. Finding use of their knowledge is even more vital.

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