A Million Dollar Question!

Farhan is a young, energetic and a promising young man, who happened to be my dear friend and an education consultant too.

In our first personal meeting held at one of the outlet of Starbucks in Dubai, the claim was that he attended one of my classes in his engineering course. I still don’t remember, but I trust his words. Even then he gave me respect more than I deserve whenever we spoke or met. I adore him for his intelligent view on socio-educational matters and it’s impact on our student community at large. Many times he expressed his dismay and helplessness on occasions when many students who approached him had neither understood the the value of education nor realized the meaning of higher education for their career development.

When it comes to justifying the heading of this blog, that is, ‘a million dollar question’ I thought it will be more than fair to introduce the person who asked the question of million dollar worth. This young education consultant invests his majority of time in connecting, networking and assisting students and their parents to make intelligent decisions in selecting a proper and suitable education platform.

A Million Dollar Question

It’s true that students, their parents, aunts, uncles and their neighbors all are heavily focused on the curriculum, syllabus, marks, grades and results. Yet, the process undergone in achieving the education is least important? How much higher education or further career development orientation student community receive from the classrooms? How it’s effectiveness are measured? What is the actual role of a teacher? Teachers are there for dictating lessons and making sure the assignments are submitted on time and in the prescribed formats and on the designated desks? Or more than that? At least the Indian education scenario matters are not that perfectly placed. As with any affairs of our nation, blame it on the system. A system made up of teachers-parents-students-policy makers-education thinkers and consultants. Who is there to spare?

Now the million dollar question comes, ‘Education has any role in equipping it’s students with career building skills, or, it’s just a knowledge gathering exercise? Or both? Or none?’

After our brief discussion held at lunch break, Farhan cut the call. But the question still loomed.

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