Aesthetes – Superstars of Design, Animation & Gaming Career.

This article is written to shed light on the real superstar in the field of design, animation and gaming. As the reading proceeds, you will find the identity of aesthetes, their common trends, characteristics and challenges they face in their life ahead.

plural noun: aesthetes
A person who is appreciative of and sensitive to art and beauty.


Aesthetes – Makers of Something Beautiful!

As already presented, aesthetes are the superstars of figuring out the beauty in various forms and formats across different aspects of life and material world. To the extreme, some of them dare to associate materialistic beauty to soul searching and ultimately to salvation. Aesthetes are the makers of beauty. If we try to synthesize their existence in education and career platforms, following will be the major domains where you find aesthetes and their contribution:

  1. Design – Art of finding a pattern and the engineering of adding creativity to it.
  2. Animation – Bringing imagination to reality.
  3. Gaming – Digital world of race, war, puzzle, building and destroying.

Who are they?

  1. Professed appreciators of beauty
  2. No article, presentation, visual, painting, design – can escape from them and their ‘beauty conscious filtering’.
  3. ‘Too bright’, ‘too cluttered’, ‘I love simplicity, starkness, contrast’ – some of the common dialogue you may say if you are the aesthete, or you hear telling the other, when they are the candidate of aesthetics.
  4. They are bothered by the font size, color, logo, smell, sound – everything that signifies beauty.
  5. They doodle a lot, all meaningful – proportionate (about symmetry), tasteful (can be felt) and original (don’t copy) being the three important aspect of the word ‘meaningful’ here.

Career Paths – How Aesthetes Make It Happen?

  1. Not all of them want to build a career around their aesthetic talent. So, you may find people from entirely different, totally unrelated career field, yet very beauty conscious. Tweaking and experimenting with their skill set to impart ‘beauty’ wherever they can. They may be cultivating a side-kick in their area of passion and talent.
  2. They love to do the work which uses their talent. They are the professional artists who gather necessary qualifications through education. Involve in real-world trainings, workshops, exhibitions, stage shows, street shows, vocations harnessing their talent to bring-out God-given talent.
  3. If a fulltime association not possible, they are even ready to work (in the related/unrelated field) that provides them time and money to indulge in this serious hobbies that uses aesthetic talents. Here, dear friends, you may find people with some crazy-yet-interesting fusion-of-tastes in the same individual, such as:
    1. Dancing doctors
    2. Signing police officers
    3. Cartooning engineers
    4. Vlogging architects
    5. Writers who are lawyers
    6. Accountants who are gardeners, and many more.
  4. Biggest challenges before aesthetes:
    1. It takes time, dedication, hard-work and patience to establish and gain reputation and high income.
    2. You need a short term plan for income generation and a long term plan for brand building.
    3. You need to have people skills, if you are lacking in any. Communication, coordination are the two important parameter to practice and learn here.
    4. Aware of different platforms available for expressing your talent. Talking of todays time, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, club-house, YouTube, Tik-Tok, Quora, Pinterest, all or some can be used for your benefit in building and maintaining an audience for your work.

So dear aesthetes, you are the junction of design, animation and gaming; pick one or all, and grow god-speed!

This topic discussed in detail in below link, but language is Malayalam. Those who follow, can watch it.

Design, Animation, Gaming കരിയർ തിരഞ്ഞെടുക്കുന്നവർ തീർച്ചയായും കാണുക! | Aesthetes | Part 1

Reference: ‘Ultimate Guide To 21st Century Careers’, Author: Richa Dwivedi, Published in 2017

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