V-Day & Some Alternate Thoughts..

Feb 14, 2021.

I am not going to be sweet or red here. You may expect me to, still I won’t. 🙏🏻

Not because 2021, a year that came after 2020. And, 2020 proven to be deadly and distatrous for most of us. An epidemic carried by highly contagious virus outbreak, now spread across all of the 7 continents, changed life of human in all the colors, grades, classes. Yet, if you gather the virus, all of them across the globe, it will come only in half the bottle of coke! (This statistics/approximation done by few mathematical biologists in one of the BBC science show). Amazing and shocking!

Anyways, now we are discussing this topic in unromantic mood.

February 14 is special. For everyone? 🧐


No. 99.95% of the population is unaffected. And, the remaining, say 0.05%, were/are planning to reach Feb 14 to plan and accomplish their romantic tasks. So, no way this so-called ‘special day of Cupid’ has that magic encounters or deals as such, unless accidentally you meet someone this day and rest of your life he/she bonds with you as your better half. Then there is magic, there is romance, there is fragrance. But this can happen any day, at any occasion.

This is my take on V-Day. The thoughts and opinion I have finally able to shape and present with all my experience and expertise in this subject. 18 years of hard lived life since I crossed my adolescence.

Then these questions may come from you:

‘What about those red hearts, red balloons floating across the shopping mall walls and ceilings?’

‘What about those V-Day dedication songs from FM radio channels?’

‘What of V-Day special online offers on stuffs ranging from smelly onions per kg to shining space-suits in red with little heart embroidered?’

‘What about V-Day celebrations organized by clubs, companies, communities?’

Hm. 😶

Most of them were in search for an occasion to sell-off their goods and services. They wanted a day to celebrate and make customers feel how special they are, if only these ‘lovely’ customers could buy their products and use their services and achieve the nirvana and the objective of that day.

Still I can see a narrow tolerance with 0.05% population where some magic can happen, possibility is there, though not guaranteed.

Let’s rush to the conclusion then; if you are single and nothing special expected to happen this day, just chill. You are among the majority, that 99.5% of population who have much serious matters to worry and care about.

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