Wanna be happy? Be happy!

Happiness is a choice.

You can be happy; or, sad, even indifferent.

Life of every being is governed by decision he/she makes and takes. Everyone will be presented with more than one course of action, from which you will pick the best one suited (that you think) to you. Some will take advise/opinion/suggestion from others whom they feel comfortable with.

Situations become worse, when you mistake others as genius (as they try to show) and copy their opinion for fact and put in to action without thinking of its side-effects or after-effects; and, not prepared for a plan B. Fearfully and religiously you try to execute others’ statements and you hit a flat wall!


Take responsibility of your actions.

Never believe others more than you.

A piece of advice (don’t copy that ): if you wanna be happy, be happy!

Be Happy by Mujeeb Patla

Published in PatlaMujeeb.Wordpress.com (Aug 12, 2018)

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