What if the God really exists?

Always wondered, what if the God really exists!

Not for those who disbelieves, disowns and disavows Him; but for those who say they do believe and love Him, and do just opposite of what they swear!

Killing people, stealing from poor, cheating helpless and playing smart with innocents; do these so-called believers really believe in meeting the God?

What if the God really exists? By Mujeeb Patla

Yes I do believe, that, there exists a supreme power which is beyond all our perception and understandings; still influencing and controlling almost all our affairs. He is the One who created all of what we see and can’t see, all that we hear and we can’t hear, also those we smell and we can’t even smell, sense and comprehend and that we can’t.

Pretenders and hypocrites be careful, “What if God really exists?”

Published in PatlaMujeeb.Wordpress.com (Aug 13, 2018)

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