Journey and The Destination.

It was a usual scene.

6 in the evening, my cab on the way not yet reached to main gate, and my dear friend just landed on the office reception sofa.

Starting with argument on any relevant hotty-choppy topic, we used to part our ways from the office, daily.

This day, he asked me, “Too long to travel, you don’t get tired till you reach your room?”

Journey and The Destination by Mujeeb Patla

In my answer, I put, “When the destination is going to be sweet, and you know it; who cares about the thrones of long journey!”

“With rotten pain-struck destination ahead, any merry journey is meaningless; what you say?”

I completed my philosophy through that answer to my friend.

He smirked and approved my talent of burying hardships with wishful thinking I hope. 

Published in (Aug 9, 2018)

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