Bringing The Change in Life.

Change is good.

Or not?

As far as the process of ‘change’ goes, it brings difference in premises and objects wherever it unleashes. May be for good or bad.

Can we have a system that never changes? Answer is straight and simple, ‘No’.

Is there any use/meaning in restricting or standing against those changes? Answer again is, ‘No’.

Can we make use of the changes happening within and around us? Answer is, ‘Yes, of course’. Or, at least we can give a try.

Bringing The Change in Life by mujeeb patla

Right after the big-bang (if the theory of universe beginning still holds true), till the very moment I type these words and you read these thoughts, changes have orchestrated in itself through various forms, shapes, channels and for various reasons (sometimes, for no reason at all). Or, we can say, changes made what we are today.

So the point, don’t be embarrassed, rather, embrace the changes in life. Use the opportunity of adding jewels to your personality by taking those turns, meaning ‘changes’, in the inevitable road of your life; for one good reason, if something is so constant in this universe, that is only these ‘changes’.

Published in (Aug 8, 2018)

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