Time Management, or, Some Alternate Thoughts.

“If time is money, I don’t have time.”

A T-shirt statement.

When people stand differently in wealth scale, time scale has been kept equal and the same for all of us – 24 hours.

Time Management, or, Some Alternate Thoughts

Unlike as in case of wealth, where smart effort comes directly in proportion to gathering material wealth; time ‘wealth’ has been distributed all uniform throughout people, irrespective of any caste, creed, religion, skin-color, language, nationality, or even stock-market index.

Simply put, time is the same for all of us, and it remains the same for all of us, as was for our forefathers and fore-mothers, yet many of us could not achieve what few of us are achieving!

Moreover, a very interesting question, as the genius Einstein put it, then why length of the times scale ‘appears to be’ different for each?

In other words, 5 minutes in office boredom, 5 minutes in exam hall, 5 minutes with your loved ones all have different length?

A psychologist, a philosopher and a physicist together may answer that.

My head-breaking concern here is, how to manage this 24 hours time-field for our happiness and our benefit?

Following are some of the enlightenment I have from own case:

1. We must have enough guts to winnow those activities that never contributes to our long term plans.

2. Entertainment’s must be looked upon as mere entertainments, not the objective of our life.

3. Shopping must not be celebrated as a day-long or month-long pilgrimage.

4. Learn to say ‘NO’ to people as well as actions that do not contribute anything to your happiness, instead makes you regretful.

5. Be very careful of Two State-of-minds – Fear & Laziness.

Yet again, I remain cautious of prescribing the same medicine to all patients irrespective of their sickness. Meaning, the time management plan will be and must be different for each, still the very basic theme will be same.

Remember, time is the only gift given by Almighty in equal scale to all of us. The time we spent makes us rich or pauper or average in each and every matter of our life.

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