Empty Vessels

A vessel always contains matter. Matter can be in any form – solid, liquid or gaseous or, even combination.


Because vessels are made to contain something, rather than nothing.

Empty vessel

A vessel is characterized by boundaries, space inside, and even its very nature to contain things.

Not much like vessels, human too like/die to contain some meaning and or value with them. Some kind of virtue. Having none is an embarrassment in himself/herself. Even some famous words followed, if you do not have a virtue, assume one!

Look outside, we all happy to see hairstyles, dressing patterns, social media outfits, quotes, dialogues, arguments, opinions each, one mightier than the other. In nutshell, all are happy with what they are filled with.

Is it really so?

Of the many souls we find in the (social media virtual) streets are mirrors, reflection of others’ wishes; some are lost already, some are still fighting to understand their real purpose in life. Marketing efforts of MNCs have made almost all of us empty vessels to fill their juices.

Yes, empty vessels do exist and designed to serve others’ purposes and wishes.

Having said these words, the tragedy is, the vessels still feel containing. Yes, they are containing, but not with their juices, but with some-others’. And, these juices never belonged to you. It’s matter of time, you and me will realize it. Sooner or later, if we are fortunate enough to live further more days.

Empty vessels must be empty. Remember, as said in the beginning. A vessel is characterized by its boundary, space and its very nature to contain ‘things’.

Published in PatlaMujeeb.Wordpress.com (Feb 20, 2018)

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