Silly Stuffs or Silly Thoughts!

A stone.

We can see this stone as an obstacle.

We can assume that as a threat.

We can have a weapon out of that.

We can build bridge or a house with that.

We can even have a beautiful sculpture or even a ornament piece.

Silly Stuffs or Sill Thoughts

See, a simple stone can be of so much meaning to us, so many avatars, just by visualizing it’s various potentials.

Are we missing many of ‘the’ stuffs’ utility in our life, because we are too stupid to see the real potential of each?

Our time, our health, our talents, our friendships, our social circle… only we have access to those, customized to our needs and wants. Still we fail to understand its use in our life.

May be these many so-called silly stuffs we see everyday, frustrates us each moment, but has far bigger meaning in our life, and we fail to realize it.

Let’s look back and join those tiny little dots and the silly stuffs, which can bring our life upside down for our own better being.

(Published in Feb 19, 2018)

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