‘Modern Art’ of Dubai

Grateful to my dear friend Mr. Nithin IP, who is otherwise not related/interested in art, for accompanying me to the art-heaven of Dubai, Alserkal Art Avenue (https://alserkalavenue.ae/).

More than the artistic ambience across the art-warehouses, unique in itself, passionate and professional air all over added a special aroma to the scene.

‘Modern Art’ of Dubai

Each gallery was unique and customized to reflect the artists art taste and viewpoint. Sometimes, the whole-cunningly-alone space is hanged with 4 to 5 paintings only, even then, the attention it seeks is commendable and to be highlighted.

Magnetically levitated discs, randomly moving tiny little clocks adding the whole big time screen, vintage cars from 1920s, painting 5 years old boy, thoughtful youths sharing ideas, amazing colored art canvasses, wooden little huts, gloriously lightened wooden bath tub, always welcoming gallery assistants, lovely scattered crowd; each were signature moments from the art avenue.

As the day ended, I could not stop leaving the yard with a disappointment to leave the house of galleries. The galaxy of art gallery, each like beads of a magnificent necklace to the glory of Dubai art lovers! Thanking the rulers of Dubai and UAE.

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