Money Matters!

Of course money do matters.

A teacher trying to convince his/her student otherwise, a father trying to advocate his kids otherwise; is trying to hide a hole with darkness.

Money Matters!

Society follows a double standard when it comes to acquiring and multiplying wealth. In one occasion, the so called society masters advises its members to the bottom of its members to not to be greedy (meaning in their language, don’t look/feel/like for money), instead follow selfless services for the nation, society, company etc. But, in their personal accounts they run behind money like a mad dog!

Let’s cut the crap here (one of my old-old friend used to be so loving of this English phrase usage), and understand importance of acquiring, utilizing and multiplying wealth for our own good and for the sake of others too.

Dear boss, there is no problem in thinking you are smart, but, never-ever feel others are fools. If you are jumping all the fire-rings for money, others too are entitled/justified to jump their rings of fire for similar needs.

Let’s understand it and move forward.

Published in (Feb 18, 2018)

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