‘Past-Present-Future’ Cycle.

Some just live the present, and I envy them.

Resentful of past, fearful of future; each haunt many of us to the core.

As many failures of the past, uncertain future yet to come, I decided no more falling prey for the ‘past-future-worry-trap’.

It is the present that goes to past, and, again the future that becomes the present. Present condition is just a ‘bridge’ from past to future. If no present, the person will never reach his/her future.

So, let’s take lessons from past, enjoy the present and be hopeful of future.

PS:- The words never suggest one to forget future and get lost in present only; but, rather, it enlighten us to use present to its 300% capacity to have far better future!

Published in PatlaMujeeb.Wordpress.com (Feb 16, 2018)

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