Global Education Fair – FAIRS, Dubai

When it comes to education, it comes down to two things – Quality of the teachers and soundness of institute infrastructure.

Dubai is indeed a place for dreams and its realization. Each day is filled with world-class events and workshops, even if it is for one to attend each, will itself open the door for more fortune and possibilities.

Education fairs happening across different region of the globe has reflected one decent objective- that is to provide parents, students and educators to walk through and have a dialogue with representatives from institutes, share contacts and a start a relation – all under one roof.

Global Education Fair - FAIRS, Dubai

FAIRS – Global Education Fair happening on March 2-3, 2018 is one such opportunity to peek in to different option one has in various illustrated institutes. As with China in affordable Medical Education, east Europe has made an advent to offer world class facility in technology/agriculture/pharmaceutical/Engineering/Management/Art subjects. Surprisingly though, very few institutes from Far East made any appearance in the stalls, and from the populous China, none. Quite excited to see so many world class courses from UAE, promising time for Emirati youths!

As I walked through the different stalls, sharing words with institution representatives, one thing turned out to be very clear – UAE has proved its worth in the field of education as well! Thanks to its rulers of this jewel-piece of land for holding such high noble vision in the field of education and turning sands in favor of their growth and thriving!

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