Hope to Education

Educators interacting with teachers and management bodies and even parents; debating on the topics which are tough, is, not that a common incident anywhere anytime in the world.

What if, it could happen, that too in Dubai, the global capital of trade; awesome isn’t it?

‘School & Nursery Show’ held at Rivoli Jameira Beach Hotel, Wild Wadi, witnessed something of that magnitude and direction on March 9th and 10th 2018.

From Nursery and School Show held at Dubai

School and nursery stalls spread across a big stand alone glassy hall with a debate podium right at the centre, delegates debating and discussing interesting and challenging topics anchored by genius educators; witnessed by parents, Education consultants, researchers and of course parents… a sign of another revolution in Education!

Education, as with health and food industry, is something which elopes directly and for sure with each and everyone, more than once in one’s life time, if you are human. Such a sensitive and damn-sure process, one cannot leave to the mercy of policy-makers & business mafia. Parents must have dialogue with teachers and teachers must take concerns from parents, for the reason, teachers are the second parents and parents are the second teachers!

Some hot topics like- types of learning techniques, students as per their learning capabilities, feasibility of home-works for primary class students, ‘differentiation’ in dealing with variously abled students, customization to suit individual students’ needs and talents et cetera got sharp eyes and curious ears of the people witnessing the show. And, when I got the chance to raise a topic, ‘importance of emotional intelligence in intelligence quotient polishing schools’ also got some heavy staring and high pitch voice screaming! Thanks to the anchor who himself threw to the scene as arbitrator in getting a conclusion out of warring panel members. To everyone’s surprise he even confessed, that, on that particular topic of emotional intelligence, he authored/authoring two books already.

Rather than the numbers, the quality of parents’ representation and interaction in such blessed events demonstrate the signs of people expectations and hopes with true Education. An education process that will never kill its subjects to build its own blind standardized ‘all looking the same- tailored for the same’ products.

Let’s hail the creativity and originality in our little angels. Only few of the options left out to make this planet free from people who mistook money for happiness and power for peace.

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