Employer-Employee Paradigm

When a person decides to earn money and freedom and have great service/product/vision to the world, he/she, alone or with like minded people, builds a company/organization/venture. Appoints people, who share similar interests to work for them and make the owner/s of the company rich and prosper, while they earn a monthly or hourly fixed package, sometimes even ‘perks’ directly proportional to their effort and achievements hence.

As with any process, even business has to have inputs and outputs. This role is meaningfully orchestrated in association with third party called Customer. Some business consider customers as ‘god’, some assume them as ‘source of inputs’ for theirs business, some treat them just as ‘consumers of their business output’.

As with any human relation, employer-employee-Customer relation too stays the way you treat them.

When it comes to employer-employee relation, huge confusion remains between both parties. Employers takes employee for granted and employee struggle to prove otherwise. Meaning, employer has this vision of materializing their ‘organizational objective’ and ambitious ‘periodic achievement milestones’. With different levels of management layers the employers try to achieve these objectives and milestones, or, many times to exceed them. Management team, with themselves employees, using their ‘management skills’ ‘utilizes’ the ground level employees. Much like dogs herding sheeps to certain direction. Employee being the Shepard role here, makes sure that, everything happening as per plan. The process of planning, organizing, controlling and directing will be left to top management skills, the employer withdraws himself/herself to the role of enjoying the life.

Employee employer paradigm

Let me repeat, employer is not the one who wets his/her hands with water/mud/dust; but, rather enjoy the very benefit of building the business – to earn money and freedom. While employees spends their energy/time and all available resources to materialize their employers vision, sacrificing their freedom to earn risk-free monthly/hourly salary.

Now tell me, who has compromised freedom for comfort?

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