Being Practically Honest

Finding honest people around, is, a challenging and daunting task. Let it be for partnering in life or building career prospects.

Being Practically Honest

It’s as if some deadly crater from heavens carved some pathetic-strong mutation in the genome of ‘homo sapience‘ to be insecure and selfish at the same time.

Arguably, more than any species in the earth face could have achieved, we, homos, did achieve so much, altogether, several fold and in relatively no fraction of time span (in a scale of billions of years of evolution and revolution of complex arithmetic operation among elements of matter).

To put in certain perspective, we are talking about someone who can love and hate same person at the same time for same reason.

Sales talks are doomed to be hollow, insincere, flammable and highly untrustworthy. When the person two rows away from me could spit his overconfident, directionless words; the heavy pressure and threat he received from his ‘firy’ boss in the morning meeting was quite audible.

“Sir, I am being practically honest”, the young sales chap begged his client.

Yes, homos can be honest in theoretical sense too. Meaning, honesty in words alone, not actions? May be.

Or, he is committing his willingness to be ‘practical’ this time? May be not.

Anyways the person who spoke the word forgot what commitment in fact he gave to his client.

Yes, he was being ‘practically honest’!

Published in (March 25, 2018)

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