Man; Water

Suppose President of The United States of America denies ‘global warming’ and resulting ‘Climate Change’; will the human race existing around the globe on the time and space will deny existence of both of these evil effects attributed to human interventions to maximize profit and own more BMWs and concrete blocks?

Guess what, President of US did exactly that; and people did their role of disbelieving him.

Relation between men and water extends beyond any narrative and any common human understanding. May be you can find people who will argue existence of any Creator/God, but they will never ever downplay role of water in human life.

It is said that, almost 70%+ of human body itself is made up of water!

Now pause for few moments and recollect all the evil things we, the proud human race, were/are/will perpetrating towards this ‘life-giving-sustaining’ fluid.

Let it be for dumbing wastes, oil slags, textile dies, excretions, industry byproducts!

Draining clean water in bathrooms, dish-cloth-any washes!

Carbon /green gas emissions, resulting global warming and evaporation of water all over! (If you are to argue of recycling of the water back to earth, understand that, clouds must be stopped by forests ( we have shaved all those already) or mountains (most of them we tried to domesticate), other wise these clouds will rain to some ocean or any salty pool).

Inability to store rainwater, concrete/tarred earth faces all against water poring back to earth surface!

Given the scenarios; if someone asks you to judge the scene, “How you see it, half empty or half full?”

Answer must be, “Half troubled”.

If that someone is our Mother Earth; then?

Give some respect, and call him/her a ‘sir’ at least.

Published in (Dec 4, 2020)

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