Let’s Play Some Politics!

Politicians are not fools!

Neither they are jokers.

Though they do handle both roles quite effectively.

To see the height of their aptitude in both of the above mentioned categories, one must observe them during election campaign season.

Often, democracies are blessed with a lot of politicians who do fulfill their responsibility in variety of disciplines. Serving people of the nation usually stay the lowest in their priority, and serving themselves the top one.

Can we restrict politics only to rulers/aspirant rulers of a country?

Must not be.

It is existing in office cabinet, conference room meetings, class rooms, staff rooms, kitchen floors, even in a public transport journey which lasts only few minutes.

All are addicted to playing this funny-silly game, which looks serious at the same time.

May be, politics can be explained as a well-plotted and structured story line with a slight ‘twist’ of hypocrisy.

PS Note: Mr. Trump has acknowledged Jerusalem as the capital of Israel.

Playing politics

Published in PatlaMujeeb.Wordpress.com (Dec 6, 2020)

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